old Passion of Christ 2015

Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary recently hosted the first of what is hoped will become an annual event, The Passion of Christ 2015. After months of planning, rehearsing, set constructing and sewing, the ambitious project was brought to fruition by our extremely talented and dedicated seminarians. The play reminded us not only of the horror and […]

old “God did not come to save us from our sins; God came to save us from ourselves.”

The following article was prepared by Rev Scott Couper, as part of a discussion document for a class on Mission Strategy. “God did not come to save us from our sins; God came to save us from ourselves.”[1] This statement need not be affirmed or rejected. Rather, it is a statement to be unpacked, so that […]

old Permaculture Gardening Project …

Under the expert guidance of Rev Dumisile Mkhonta, students at Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary are taught to grow permaculture gardens in order to encourage food security within semi-rural and rural church contexts.   Sustainable door-sized organic gardening: what on earth is it all about? Philosophy and Ethics: living sustainably and harmoniously with nature reaction to food insecurity mimics natural […]